Pié d’Angloys 200g
Pié d’Angloys 200g

Pié d’Angloys 200g

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Pié d’Angloys

Pié d’Angloys is a delectable, creamy cow’s milk cheese that is a relative to the classic Camembert cheese. Pié d’Angloys originates from the famous Burgundy region of France that produces delicious food and wine. This little round changes as it matures, helped along first by the wine that the rind is washed with during its aging period. It ages from inside out and the cheese becomes more molten and pungent with time. The rind transforms from white to tinged with a copper colour.

Taste Notes

Pié d’Angloys is a rich and luxurious cheese with an aroma that becomes more apparent and strong with time. The white rind is like a crust that can be broken into to reveal an ivory coloured paste that is soft and easy to spread. The texture is smooth and coats the tongue and mouth with a full, fat feeling. The slightly pungent and creamy aroma translates to the complex flavours experienced in the Pié d’Angloys. This is a cheese to be savoured! It is perfect for a special cheese board or for a little snack for yourself.



Enjoy your Pié d’Angloys with a glass of white such as Sancerre, Chardonnay or a rich red Burgundy or Pinot Noir.