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Montasio 100g
Montasio 100g

Montasio 100g

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Montasio, derives its name from the Montasio mountain range in the Friuli region north of Venice in Italy. It was originally produced in the 13th century by Benedictine monks at their monastery in the Giulia Alps. Though originally produced with sheep’s milk, it’s now made with fresh cow's milk and the progressive transformation process is closely monitored. Montasio is enjoyed by all ages because it is so easy to digest and, therefore, is especially suitable for children and elderly people.
When the cheese is fresh, the taste is mild and delicate, and the color is white. The texture is compact with an even oscillation, and the rind is smooth and flexible. As the cheese matures, it becomes grainy and crumbly, and the rind dries and darkens. Its flavor becomes mellow and fruity with a full-flavored finish, and its color slowly turns to a pale, straw-yellow. Typically, you will find this cheese served as an eating cheese with crusty bread. You can also shred it on pasta dishes, serve it in omelets, or use it to make sauces and fondue.