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We currently have a wide variety of mouthwatering cheeses available. If any of the cheeses below take your fancy simply place your order from our shopping pages and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Lincolnshire Poacher

This hard cheese has been referred to as a mixture between a farmhouse Cheddar and Swiss mountain cheese. Matured for 15 – 20 months, the smooth yellow interior has a full, lively complex flavour, and guarantees a full-on taste experience. Lincolnshire poacher was supreme champion at the British Cheese Awards in 1996.
1100 yen/100g

Thomas Hoe Red Leicester

This is a very traditional Red Leicester, and is the only pasteurised Leicester Red to be produced in the county of Leicestershire, in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir. A wonderfully vivid orange colour, this cheese is smooth in texture and mild in taste, although rounded and satisfying. It is slightly mild, but nevertheless an interesting and full flavoured affair.

950 yen/100g

Capricorn Goat's

Produced by the Lubborn Creamery in Somerset, this continental style goat's cheese develops a thin white rind and develops a salty-sweet taste as it ripens. Perfect for a lovely fresh salad.

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Berkswell Ewe

This hard, ewe's milk cheese is a consistent award winner, and is made in the village of Berkswell, just outside Coventry, so had to be included really, for illustrious location alone. Matured for around four months, it is a very characterful cheese with a firm texture, and sweet nutty flavour. It is also ideal for recipes that call for grated cheese, forming a delicious crust when cooked.

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Black 'n' Blue

A mild blue cheese mixed with black pepper. Made in Leek, in the English Peak District.

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Of course we couldn't offer a mouth-watering array of cheeses without including the king of British cheeses, Stilton. Shipped by the thousand a week from the village of Stilton to London in the 1700's, there are now only seven dairies licensed to produce this vintage cheese in the entire world. The version we have is made by Long Clawson to the original Hartington recipe. We guarantee you won't be disappointed with this little number.

900 yen per 100g.


Gubbeen Cheese is a surface ripened, semi-soft, cows milk cheese with a pink and white rind. The flavours are creamy with mushroom and nutty aftertastes but vary depending on maturity of cheese. It us produced at Gubbeen Farm in Schull, County Cork, Ireland.
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Swaledale Goat

A stunning goats milk cheese from the fantastic Swaledale Cheese Company. White in colour with a soft moist open texture, it is smooth and tangy with a much milder flavour to its goaty peers.
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Cornish Yarg

This hard cheese is hand-made to a 17th century recipe rediscovered only recently. The recipe was given to the producer by a couple called Gray, and Yarg is simply this name spelt backwards. It has a very distinctive rind due to being wrapped and matured in nettle leaves.

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Fowler's Sage Derby

Derby is one of the oldest and most famous of English cheeses. The practice of adding finely chopped sage, which was thought at the time to have health-giving properties, to the fresh curd began in the 17th century, and while most Sage Derby cheese today is factory produced, this little beauty is still made the traditional way by the family producer of Fowlers, in Earlswood. Softer than cheddar, this pale yellow cheese has a melted butter taste, and has a lovely subtle herbal flavour imparted by the sage as the cheese ages.

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Shropshire Blue

This distinctive looking cheese is in fact a bit of a misnomer as it has never been made in Shropshire, and was in fact first created in Inverness, Scotland. Shropshire Blue is based on the Stilton recipe, but also contains annatto, which gives it the vivid orange coloration. While it is somewhat milder than Stilton, it is every bit as creamy and has a hearty natural flavour. As luck would have it, this cheese tastes splendid with a strong dark ale or port, so guess what we recommend.

900 yen per 100g.


Apparently introduced from France in the 11th century, it was originally made with ewe's milk but was replaced with cow's milk in the 17th century. Try a lump and see what Wallace and Gromit are making all the fuss about.

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Somerset Camembert

Somerset Camembert is rich and creamy with a soft edible white rind. As the cheese matures the curd softens, becoming a uniform butter or straw colour and developing a fuller flavour. As with Brie, serving Somerset Camembert during the week before the use by date is recommended, to allow the cheese to mature. Accompany with a fruity, light-bodied red such as Beaujolais or for a more Somerset flavour, serve with cider!

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Smoked Lancashire

A traditonal hard pressed Lancashire that is naturally oak smoked, giving the cheese a creamy texture of Lancashire and a sharp, smoked taste.

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